Compliance as a Service

We deliver compliance without complexity

Many businesses lack the resources or necessary proficiency to identify, manage and maintain industry-compliance requirements. Any unidentified compliance gaps or security vulnerabilities can result in loss of sensitive customer information, not to mention the legal penalties…If your internal resources are stretched to capacity or you lack the necessary expertise to identify all compliance gaps and security vulnerabilities, Compliance as a Service is right for you.

Cloudnexa’s Compliance as a Service provides an affordable, simple means to secure your network and meet compliance needs. This solution addresses critical compliance requirements ensuring your business is protected and compliant according to industry-specific regulations. Our Compliance as a Service solution helps you mitigate risk by maintaining a state of compliance, boost agility with quick deployment, and uphold data integrity with secure storage. From startups to enterprises, we deliver compliant cloud hosting for your applications at an affordable price. We make meeting compliance standards simple, without jeopardizing data, business goals or objectives.

Key Features:

  • Periodic security, administrative and privacy audits to keep your business fully compliant at all times
  • Frequent evaluations of policies and procedures
  • Employee training and attestation
  • Recurrent security risk analysis, vulnerability assessments and expert contingency planning.

Key Benefits:

Typical Market solutions for meeting compliance requirements only provide a risk assessment, which requires additional resources with supplemental costs, addresses pieces of compliance, and does not provide assurance. Our Compliance as a Service solution simplifies the process by bundling all components of compliance. In addition, we provide a ‘seal of compliance’ indicating your business has successfully achieved compliance.

  • Cut costs with our bundled Compliance as a Service offering
  • Increase efficiency with the assurance of compliance
  • Greater productivity with minimized downtime
  • Enhanced flexibility


If your applications store or maintain healthcare information as outlined by HIPAA, you must maintain security and privacy regulations. Cloudnexa can help you maintain HIPAA compliant storage and achieve secure online backup by adhering to government mandate. Our HIPAA compliant hosting services leverage advanced technologies to guarantee your business meets requirements. We have effectively helped hundreds of customers obtain HIPAA compliant cloud storage through AWS resources. In addition, we provide HIPAA compliant cloud hosting for applications of all sizes. Cloudnexa utilizes AWS to provide HIPAA cloud services through encrypting data both in-transit and still, auditing, performing backups and implementing disaster recovery. We will provide you with the necessary documentation including a Business Associate Agreement, defining HIPAA obligations and sharing rights between Cloudnexa and AWS.


In order to comply with PCI, organizations are responsible for conducting frequent vulnerability scans to strengthen security programs and protect PHI. Cloudnexa offers managed security and compliance service based on a SaaS model to secure your infrastructure. In order to maintain compliance, we monitor PCI technical requirements as well as your cardholder data environment. We maintain your data hosting, storage, security and compliance, allowing you to focus on your core business. Our team of certified AWS experts collect, process and analyze your data 24×7, delivering expert monitoring and analysis.

If you’re worried your business is not HIPAA or PCI compliant, speak with a Cloudnexa expert today!